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Traveling should be a time of relaxation and fun, but all of the planning can cause a huge headache. If you’re getting ready to take a trip, first download these three apps that will make planning and enjoying your vacation a breeze. Remove the stress from travel and let technology do the hard work for you.



Hopper helps you get the cheapest flight possible. The app will show you the cheapest dates to fly on a calendar view so you can plan your trip around price. It also sends you a push notification when you should purchase your tickets to save the most money. The app claims it can save you up to 40% on flight tickets by analyzing and tracking billions of flights.



Packing is the worst part about traveling. Packpoint takes all the stress and worries out of packing by creating a list for you. The app will look at the weather for your destination and help you decide what kind of clothing you should pack. It also lets you select what kind of activities you’ll do on your trip and suggest items related to those. Items can be added and deleted to the list as well in case you need to remember to pack something the app didn’t suggest.



Citymapper is a great tool to help you utilize public transport in whatever city you’re traveling to. You can subscribe to specific bus or train lines, and it will give you real-time updates as to when things are leaving and arriving. Even better, the app will alert you on what stop you need to get off at, give you suggestions on the best train car to sit in and tell you what station exit to use once you arrive at your destination.  


Use the time you saved by not having to research twenty different airlines for the cheapest flight, creating numerous packing checklists and taking last minute trips to the store because you forgot something, and the time usually spent research train and bus lines and trying to navigate them, and research the fun parts of your trip.