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For some, fall fashion is the best time of the year, as it means boots and layers. Others favor summer fashion, with bold colors and prints and more freedom to play with materials, as you aren’t concerned about staying warm. Whichever you prefer, it’s important to be up-to-date on the trends so you can stay hip. Here are the biggest summer trends you can expect to see this year.



While some go the route of dressing the color up by christening it with a fancy name, like contemporary oatmeal, beige is beige, and the hot color of the summer. Try wearing it head to toe by incorporating in the form of a suit or two-piece dress. Max Mara, Balmain and Tom Ford were a few among the many who featured beige in their summer runway shows.



Lace is in again for the summer, but not the lace that your grandmother wore. Lace has been recut and made masculine for this summer’s styles. Think a menswear button-down shirt made out of lace fabric. Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang, and Burberry were some of the many who added lace to their summer ensembles.


Arts and Crafts

Dig out your old craft kit and teach yourself how to crochet to get in on this trend. Fisherman weaves, macramé appliqué and patchwork crochet were all spotted on the runway this year. Prepare to see crochet tops, cover-ups and bathing suits on display this summer.


Feathers and fringe

Keeping with the embellishments trend, feathers and fringe are back in for this summer. You can find them on shoes, jeans, capes. Gucci and Givenchy were just two of the many fashion houses that showcased the trend this year.


Mixed prints

Mixing patterns has always been reserved for the fashion bold, but this year the trend is for everyone. This goes beyond just wearing stripes with florals; experiment with all kinds of different patterns. Look for patterns in the same colorways if you want to try the trend but are still wary about clashing patterns.


Bike shorts

Bike shorts have started cropping up on models for the past year, but the style has officially made its way to the runway. Those new to trend should start with a basic black pair, but those who are more adventurous should look for a patterned pair, as seen in collections by Prada and Jacquemus.