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Once the temperature drops to near freezing, it can be hard to think about anything besides staying warm. If you’re someone who likes staying up-to-date on the latest fashion trends, it can be difficult trying to look stylish while avoiding freezing. Here are a few tips to use this season to show off your keen fashion sense, while also protecting yourself from the frigid weather.


Layer up

Layers are key to staying warm, and there are many ways to bundle up without anyone even noticing. Layer long-sleeved shirts underneath sweaters. Wear thermal tights underneath your jeans. If you’re wearing tall boots, pair them with knee-high socks underneath. You can also utilize cardigans and jackets for even more layering. Warm up your summer clothes by pairing them with a cozy cardigan, and layer a fashionable coat on top. With all those layers, you won’t even notice that it’s cold outside.


Add a scarf

Scarves serve a dual purpose. They keep your neck and upper body warm but also add a cute pop to your outfit. They come in so many different patterns, colors and materials that there’s one to match everything. Use a scarf to liven up your bulky winter coat, or pair a bright patterned scarf with a neutral colored sweater to brighten up your outfit.


Choose a bright coat

A warm coat is a winter staple. But, that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Invest in a jacket in one of the seasons in colors (red is having a moment right now). Since it’s something you’ll be wearing every day, you want it to be something that you like the look of. Instead of viewing your jacket as a piece of outwear, consider it a part of your ensemble. However, don’t sacrifice function for fashion. Finding a warm coat in a stylish cut is possible.


Cover up your head

While it’s a myth that most of your body heat escapes through your head, that doesn’t mean you should forgo a hat. A hat is a cute and easy way to make sure you’re staying warm this winter. Choose a slouchy beanie or a cabled knit hat to ace that winter style. Or, if hats aren’t your thing, choose an effortlessly-stylish ear warmer headband. Either choice will add that extra bit of winter fashion, and an extra bit of warmth.