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Fall is here, meaning it’s time to dust off your sweaters and break out the fall fashion. That also means it’s the ideal time to clean out your closet and make room for new clothes. An organized closet it will make it easier to find your clothes and help you rediscover items you’ve forgotten about. Follow these steps to help get your closet clean and organized.


Empty everything

Take everything out of your closet and lay it in a designated area of your room. This includes all of your hangers, shoes, boxes, or whatever else you currently store in your closet. This process helps you to see everything you own and put every item you want to keep back in one by one.



Next, sort everything you just removed into different categories. You can start with keep, throw-away or donate piles, or you can sort everything based on season or type of clothing. Place your different groups of clothing in labeled boxes or bins to keep them organized.



The hardest part of organizing your closet is getting rid of things, but it’s an essential step. Establish some rules beforehand to make the process slightly easier, like anything that has a hole gets thrown out. Then, go through every individual item of clothing and ask yourself when the last time you wore it was, if it still fits you properly, and if it still fits in with your current style. Get rid of whatever doesn’t fit or isn’t something you wear; it’s wasting space that could be taken up by pieces of clothing that you genuinely love.


Put it all back

Now that your closet has been emptied and you’ve gotten rid of everything you don’t need, you can start the process of putting everything back in. Put everything back in a way that makes sense to you. That may be organizing things by color, by silhouette, or how often you wear them. Choose whichever works for you, and start organizing everything.


Once your closet is all organized, the most important part is keeping it this way. Everytime you purchase new clothes or put laundry away, make sure things are being added in with your current organization pattern.


Also, set a recurring organization date. Whether it’s once every six months or only once a year, go through your closet regularly and continue to get rid of the items you no longer have any use for. This will help keep things organized.