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Fall is just around the corner. It’s a time of cooler temperatures, shorter days, and pumpkin-flavored everything. Arguably, one of the best parts of the season is fall fashion. Every spring, the biggest names in fashion debut their fall and winter looks during Fashion Week. Here are six of the biggest trends that will be everywhere this fall.



Plaid is not a new pattern by any means, but it’s back in a big way for fall fashion. Plan to see plaid applied in different ways though, like asymmetrical across a dress or plaid head-to-toe in varying shades. Fendi and Stella McCartney put some unique plaid ensembles on display in their Fall 2018 shows.


Monochromatic red

All red everything. Expect to see head-to-toe red looks this fall. Both Oscar de la Renta and Mother of Pearl, among other designers, debuted red looks in their runway looks this year. You can combine different shades of red, or you can you wear the same shade.


Animal print

Animal print is once again in style this fall. But, there’s more to this trend then just leopard print. Experiment with zebra, tiger, even ocelot printed clothing. Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Victoria Beckham showcased some animal-inspired looks for fall.


The ‘80s

Big shoulders are back. 80’s inspired fashion is the biggest expected trend this fall. Marc Jacobs debuted an ‘80s-hued color-blocked look, and Miu Miu brought back acid-washed jeans and soft leather jackets. Neon is also on trend this fall, rounding out the ‘80s look.



Pile on the layers. This functional fashion trend is back in for fall. Balenciaga and Prada showcased some over-the-top layers for their Fall looks. There are many ways to utilize this trend, from shirts layered under a bustier with a cardigan and a jacket on top, to a logo sweater with a silk scarf and two separate parkas.


Western details

Fashion is drawing inspiration from the American West for fall looks. Cowboy-inspired booties, suede fringe, and Western patterns are all in style this year. Chloé, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and Louis Vuitton were just a few of the designers who featured Western looks for their fall collection.