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Joanna Picardi




With over 20 years of experience in the business market, Joanna Picardi has found great success as a Business and Financial Consultant. As the CEO of JP Solutions, Joanna looks at an unhealthy business and offers realistic solutions for the company to prosper. Working with a variety of companies including major contracting companies, small boutique companies, and nonprofits, Picardi has helped her clients achieve healthy, enduring results.

Joanna Picardi’s work ethic is truly unparalleled.  For the past two decades, Picardi has had the opportunity to work with highly respected corporate executives. Through her career driven work experience, Joanna immersed herself in every aspect of the business. Over the course of her experience, Picardi became invested in construction accounting, specifically topics such as government projects, sustainable economy and sustainable development.

Extremely committed to her clients’ success, Joanna builds nurturing relationships that turn into long-term solutions and success. She devotes her time to analyze business models, processes and systemizing operating structures and procedures. Joanna Picardi and the JP Solutions team, promise to drive any company seeking growth to a successful outcome. Offering a wide range of services to both individuals and businesses, JP Solutions provide personal, quality service. Whether your company needs a vision or a total revamp, Joanna Picardi and her team offer some of the industries’ best practices.

Apart from her career, Joanna is equally passionate about her Italian heritage. She has been fortunate enough to travel to Italy on several occasions and enjoys sharing her experiences with others. Whether it’s about food or fashion, Picardi brings her findings back with her to the Boston scene. Her personal blog, Joanna in the city, offers thoughtful insight into “old school traditions” and “new world sights”. Having grown up in an Italian-American household, Joanna Picardi shares personal anecdotes and family stories with readers. Offering guidance and advice in a plethora of areas, Joanna gives readers a “hand to hold” in their personal storms.